Innovative Concepts


We offer creative design work for your personal and corporate branding needs

Though we do create many of our own designs, there are many times we assist clients with creating personal and business designs.

We keep the process simple really. Tell us what you are looking for. We will then discuss the concept and brainstorm ideas. From that point it goes back and forth from drawing board to client until the desired result is achieved. Often this part is the least time-consuming.



About Us

Our Vision and Experience

We have the vision and experience of bringing ideas to life. We deliver good feelings, happy thoughts, and belief that great things can happen.

Timothy Payne



We offer a variety of services from graphic design, photography, and other creative arts. We show the passion to deliver quality designs and products from concept through creation for both our own retail sales, and items created for specific clients. 


What We Can Offer


  • A Corporate Logo
  • Your Personal Brand
  • For order-taking Fundraisers
  • Products for your shop
  • Gifts



  • Select from fine art inventory
  • Can travel to your destination
  • Can capture individual, family and pet portraits or impromptu moments
  • Interior photography
  • We have the equipment for many different subjects


home decor and gift items

  • Select from our stock TileArt pieces including many Michigan Lighthouses and local Birds
  • We can create tile masterpieces from your photography
  • Laser engraving of many flat and curved items
  • Corporate gifts at wholesale prices


We Are Experts

We create ideas and inspiration through active listening to customer needs. 

We offer raw and innovative concepts for those that are not sure what they are needing or what the end product might look like.

If we cannot do what is needed, we will do our best to try find another avenue that will best help our clients.